director of energy

Kimberley H. Allen has directed, choreographed and toured professionally as a contemporary dancer for The Oregon Dance Project and The Dance Theatre of Oregon. She performed with Dick Van Dyke, danced for Disneyland, and competed nationally.  She has been an elite gymnast, a platform diver, competitive swimmer, and a passionate dancer throughout her life.  

She received her Bachelor’s degree of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon, with minors in art history and dance. Kimberley has practiced landscape architecture in Kyoto, Zurich, Seattle, and Portland while working with renowned architectural and multidisciplinary firms including Swift&Co, Raedeke Associates, AHBL, and The Portico Group.   Her forte is institutional design and choreography because of the complexities involved with overlaying stand-alone systems of project program, circulation, design, and structure.

As a mother, Kimberley has completed a 19 book children’s series, ‘The Invisible Things’.  Her new book for adults is entitled “Traffic”.

Kimberley has been raised in the world of small business.  Throughout her years, she has gained insight and knowledge in the areas of business management, ethics, parenting, sales, marketing, human resource management, and general business operations.